Sunday, August 03, 2008

Men win suit against scandal-scarred Texas college

Here's a story with an HBCU connection!
Three former Texas Southern University students credited with helping expose a spending scandal that led to indictments of top administrators won a retaliation lawsuit against school officials.

A federal jury decided Friday that William Hudson, Justin Jordan and Oliver Brown were kicked out of the university and arrested as payback for criticizing Priscilla Slade, university president at the time, and other school leaders.

The students played a role in bringing to light a scandal that tarnished TSU and led to charges against Slade. In a plea bargain, Slade agreed to repay nearly $130,000 of the half-million she misspent in school funds on clothes, home furnishings and landscaping.

Jurors awarded actual damages totaling nearly $200,000 to all three students, and the jury is set to return next week to decide punitive damages.

"At least someone stood up for us, and the jury stood up for us," Brown said in Saturday's editions of the Houston Chronicle.
I hate to think this is a recurring theme. Chicago State University was almost in the same situation, and this time the President resigned her position. Perhaps it's easy to get carried away.

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