Friday, July 25, 2008

I took a bus on Ashland yesterday

I was out early enough to take an Ashland express bus yesterday. I was sitting behind some seats with these stickers.

When I see these I was thinking what could these mean, then I just thought this was a reference to those who have recovered from addictions to drugs and alchohol. I also wonder if this was a plea for them to vote based upon issues of recovery.

BTW, before I sat here I noticed a beer can, Budweiser, sitting here. I moved it only because it was in the way, but I wonder if someone just couldn't wait to have a drink before they get on a CTA bus. The Ashland route is one of the longest in the city so who knows whether this can came from some who lives in the ghetto or from all the way on the city's north side. Whoever left that can on the bus certainly needs some recovery.

Anyway one of those stickers has a website, I should see what they represent.

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