Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girl (Mya Lyons) Found Stabbed To Death

Read the story at WBBM-AM.

I don't intend to excerpt this story just offer my two cents.

This story should bother a lot of people. I just have to wonder what deranged mind would kill a child. It should bother you that she was sexually assaulted by her killer. There are just plain some awful people in this world.

I saw this story first on WBBM-TV and I saw the father being interviewed. How he conducted himself spoke to me. He had the emotion of a father who lost his child. I'm so sorry that it was his child and I wished that no father should suffer this type of tragedy.


Bia said...

To be honest her father looks extremely guilty. He has hired a lawyer, due to police questioning him about the death of his daughter. May we not forget that it is usually those close to us that do more harm than a stranger. If he is guilty, which I know he is, he should be not only locked under the jail but tortured everyday to remind him of his crime.

Just a thought.....

Anonymous said...

yes it is very sad to hear that another innocent child...was hurt and killed. but only God can judge who the killer realy is...and he will put him out on front street to...but i feel we should not point fingers at no one unless we ourselves have proof. and was there the day it happened... thats my opinion...

Dear DJ said...

It appears that Mya's father had another small daughter. Why would he choose to harm one of his own children? It does not make sense. It does, however, seem that someone close to the family, and someone who is trusted did this. If Mya went to bed, in a room other than where she usually sleeps (why?). And, if it was near 11:00 p.m., and adults heard the door close, why not check it out. Someone could have been breaking in, abducting Mya, etc etc. How many people are in and out of your home late at night that you elect not to question a door shutting after bed-time. That is the strange part to me. I do not believe that Mya's father killed her just because he hired an attorney. That is the wise thing to do when police begin insenuating that you did it-which is what has been happening. Perhaps he was not being rational in the way he picked his daughter up, put her in the van and drove her to the hospital. But, who would think rationally in a situation like this? I believe he was racing with time to save his daughter's life. Whomever left the knife in the area where the body was found was not thinking straight either-which could indicate that the act occurred rather quickly, and the person was fleeing the scene hurriedly; especially, seeing that they left Mya still breathing. I would look at the so called friends and neighbors who you don't trust, but who you put up with. Those are usually your worst enemies-who could be capable of something like this. Someone who wanted to hurt the family-but, who is a so-called trusted friend of the family. They are the molesters, rapists, killers etc right under your own nose. If they slither like snakes, have phangs, and act like they hate you-chances are they do. Sometimes we keep people in our circles who have no business around us and our families. I just hope that whomever did this, is found and brought to justice. And, sad for them, men in prison hate and look forward to "short eyes" being delivered to them. "Short eyes" are men who harm little children. And prison awaits them. They don't usually last a week.

Dear DJ
Durham, NC

Anonymous said...

please hurry up and find her killer before it happens to another innocent child

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