Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Johnny Isn't Going To College

I found this article thru Newsalert and I would like to note and HBCU connection that I was surprised to find in this Phyllis Schlafly piece. If you don't know Phyllis Schlafly she's a conservative activist who is often opposed to feminism. Read the whole thing when you get a chance...
It's too bad that male sports are being eliminated on most college campuses. Except for Texas, USC, and a few other places, radical feminism rules in the athletic departments at the expense of popular male sports.

Feminists oppose anything that is all-male or all-female unless it's gay marriage. They won't be able to ban the Rose Bowl anytime soon, but the Feminist Majority Foundation posts this warning on its website: "By encouraging boys to become aggressive, violent athletes, and by encouraging girls to cheer for them, we perpetuate the cycle of male aggression and violence against women."

Meanwhile, the feminists are censoring out hundreds of traditional manly college sports teams. If your favorite college once had a wrestling, baseball or track team, check again: there's a good chance it has been eliminated.

Several years ago, Howard University Athletic Director Sondra Norrell-Thomas announced her elimination of both its wrestling and baseball teams on the same day. It should surprise no one that Howard University's male enrollment has dropped to only 34 percent compared to 66 percent female.

On June 2, 1997, the feminist National Women's Law Center announced that it would file a complaint against Boston University, the fourth largest private school in the nation, over its sports programs. Within months, BU ended the football team that had been in existence for 91 years.

It is no surprise that male enrollment at Boston University is now down to 40%. One transfer student expressed his dismay in the student newspaper upon learning that his new school has 16,000 undergraduates but no football team.

In the entire State of Washington, there is no longer a single major college wrestling team, despite wrestling's huge popularity in high schools. Wrestling is one of the least expensive sports, requiring almost no equipment and having a low risk of injury, but feminists are working to eliminate all masculine sports.
The quote I placed in bold. It seems to be someone is reading too much into something. Besides sports are about fun not about perpetuating the so-called stereotypes between men and women. I think someone needs to ease up.

To be honest here, I'm not particularly a sports fan. As a student of Morehouse College, I'm not a regular spectator at most sporting events held at school. Although I would like to visit Tuskeegee before I finally graduate. That being said while sports might be a great selling point for a school especially if that sport is football, basketball, or baseball that should not be a reason why students should attend a school in my opinion. Of course this article catches my eye because sports are being used as a pawn by those individuals with an agenda to remake a society in their own image.

I recall many years ago that Title IX (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) is used as a basis to eliminate a number of sports programs in schools. The reasoning behind that is that there is a need or a want to allow women to participate in college athletics. Since there is a mandate of sorts for there to be athletic programs for women in college then unfortunately that means some men's sports which unfortunately usually includes baseball, wrestling and other sports have to get cut to provide for women's basketball, volleyball, or softball. This is just in general from the stories I understand.

Meh, I wonder if those who are looking for a school to go to should look into finding a single sex school if there has to be competition between who competes in what sport. Morehouse is a single sex school but all male schools are dwindling. There are of course plenty of all female schools around the nation.

Just for the heck of it I want to point in your direction this link to a Glenn and Helen podcast with an author who is seeking to figure out why young men aren't going to college these days. This is one of things that concerns me and to bring it back to a racial aspect I hate to see young black men cancel themselves out of college for whatever their reasoning might be. They do that and their female counterparts are a lot more driven to go even if they don't graduate in the long run.

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