Monday, June 30, 2008

West Siders Want Handgun Ban to Stay

From Chicago Public Radio also via The Capitol Fax morning shorts today. Interviewed are some people who resides in West Garfield Park about the possible overturning of the gun ban in Chicago:

WOMAN 1: I think it’s going to be more killings, more robberies, more drive-bys, more crime.

MAN 1: I think it’s going to be kind of crazy. If everybody has got a gun, it’s going to be wild, wild west.

WOMAN 2: I don’t think it’s going to change one bit the amount of gun violence in this community. The people that commit the gun violence, they don’t go and stand in line and send in their applications for gun permits. They obtain illegal weapons and they use them illegally.

MAN 2: I lost a son in 2002 due to handguns. With this law being changed, somebody else’s son is going to be killed .

I cross posted this onto my other blog, The Sixth Ward. I decided this was an important issue worth covering on those parts as well.

The only thing I didn't add was my two cents worth. I think in some respects that these individual's fears are unfounded, however, I understand where it's coming from. Assuming that these individuals come from high crime areas.

I certainly share their concerns, however, while there are those who will start shooting for any reason. Of course those individuals are probably ones who ought to go without a gun. Of course should this impact anyone else who won't shoot for any reason.

I just saw the comment of Woman 2. It's the most sensible quote amongst them all. She's got it right! It's one reason I would like to see the overturning of the gun ban. It's not effective.

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