Thursday, June 05, 2008

A victim of a hit and run and no one stopped to check on him!

Here's a story from A 78 year old was crossing the street and was struck by a car that somehow swerved into oncoming traffic. That car didn't stop and Torres was left lying in the streets with no one bothering to stop and check on him. Apparently no one called the police.

This bothered the police and the governor even had something to say about it. Oh and where is the mayor on this? BTW, the police finally stopped but this was while they were responding to a call.

Torres, the victim, is in critical condition and is said to be paralyzed.

I wonder if people are just that self-centered that while they have the power to do the right thing that they're of the belief that someone else will do the right thing. Or perhaps there are those who'll say well it doesn't affect me so why should I do anything? Does anyone have any answers out there?

Here's a video of this!

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