Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

I usually enjoy this series and I've been lucky enough to see every episode this season, but as the series wraps up its season next week I feel like it's lackluster. Not sure why exactly perhaps none of the aspiring chefs seems to have been able to prove they have some talent. Chef Ramsey seems to be complaining more than he complimented this season.

Either way I'm glad I was able to predict who might make it to the finally two and I'm halfway confident I know who's going to win. I knew that Petrozza the way things were shaping up would find himself in the final two. So the other member of the final pair was either Corey or Christina. It would be Christina at least though it was hard for me to gauge who should be in the final two.

Now the next step is to know is it Petrozza who wins or Christina. I'm not sure it's going to be Petrozza he is not MY favorite to win and I would blame that on his past performances and his inability it seems to stay clean in the kitchen. He seems to be a bit absent minded as well. Of course this only depends on the performance that us as a TV audience will see next week.

What usually happens on Hell's Kitchen is that when the playing field is dwindled to two contestants they get to essentially run their own kitchens or their own restaurants. They can truly pursue their own visions for their own eating establishments and I think that's awesome. Let's see who might be able to run a restaurant and perhaps even be able to attract customers. It would certainly be interesting to see who's idea of a restaurant might be more attractive.

Let me add also that I'm really not sure why I prefer Hell's Kitchen to any other reality show. Perhaps I have more of an interest in food than I do in who'll be an apprentice, who'll be the next top model, or even who might be standing alone in a desolate piece of real estate. I've enjoyed this series and I hope that I still will. Honestly there are some things I can live without in this series. For on this I can live without the cliffhanger endings and the over commentary by Ramsey and the contestants.

Of course at the same time I still like Ramsey's passion. That comes through and his kitchen is not the place to play. Surely many who has graced his kitchen has learned that the hard way and perhaps shaped up fast. Let's remember his passion to cook has enabled him to have the fortune he has found as a chef.

Oh and let's not forget FOX has allowed him another reality series, Kitchen Nightmares. It premiered last year and Ramsey is traveling across America to consult with aspiring restaurateurs and help them run their establishments. The same intensity although Ramsey isn't going to run another person's business like a boot camp as he does Hell's Kitchen. It would be interesting what he runs into in the next season.

Both Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are British imports and I would like to show you the most interesting episode of the British version of Kitchen Nightmares I have seen. Ramsey finds himself at an English soul food restaurant. Well think of a Soul Queen in Chicago, but implanted in Britain without the buffet style meals. I was blown away when I saw it.

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