Sunday, May 04, 2008

An update on the Bradley sisters

Here's an update. Another story I saw last night about Tionda and Diamond Bradley indicated that the photo that was found of her on MySpace isn't of Tionda. That lead might be a dead end.

Still they held a prayer vigil for the young ladies on Saturday. If these sisters don't miraculously turn up, the vigilers will be back on July 6. That was the date the sisters went missing back in 2001.

AMW even has a file of sorts on them here.

The Official Site of Tionda And Diamond Bradley.

has more about this story:
The FBI Saturday night is investigating a California couple who claim that a mysterious picture on the Internet is actually their daughter, not missing Chicago girl Tionda Bradley.

And if they are right, a local private detective says, the case highlights the dangers of the Internet.

"It stops the money, resources and manpower from going after a false lead," said private detective James Miller.

Earlier this week, a Houston forensic artist sparked controversy saying, she was certain a mysterious Internet picture is Tionda Bradley, a South Side girl that disappeared from her home in 2001 with her younger sister.

In a phone interview from Chula Vista, Calif., Jeff Smith told CBS 2 the girl in the Internet picture is the same one in this picture – his daughter.

And he was sorry if the picture raised the hopes of the Bradley family.

"I hate to have a family suffer like this, it is very disheartening," Smith said. "It's a very cruel thing to do someone missing a child."

"It gave the family false hope, but it did bring national awareness to the case," Miller said.
I still hope these young girls are found and that there will be answers as to what happened to them that summer day in 2001.

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