Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh my what happened here???

In the summer of 2001 a pair of black sisters were missing. I've covered this story overtime, especially the updates over this story that have been occurred over the years. Apparently this unusual story will still make the news.

Anyway a strange update maybe one of these these missing girls may now have a MySpace page. WBBM-TV:
A mysterious photo of a girl that surfaced on the Internet last year is missing Chicago girl Tionda Bradley, who vanished with her sister Diamond in 2001, an expert says.

According to a high-profile forensic artist who analyzed photos of a young Tionda -- 10 when she disappeared; her sister was 3 -- next to photos of a girl whose picture was part of a profile for a social networking Web site, the photos match.

"I took a hard look at them [the photos] for the first time [this week], and I do not say this lightly, but it's her," said Lois Gibson, a forensic artist with the Houston Police Department.

Gibson has been called on to assist authorities around the country, including DuPage County, where she drew a picture of a little boy found dead in 2005. He remains unidentified.

Gibson says the photos of a young Tionda compared with the photos of the older girl, with long hair, a dark top and shy smile, show they have the same nose, the same nostrils, even the same lips.

Family said Thursday they have been assured the newer photos haven't been doctored or otherwise enhanced.

Chicago Police have "no substantive leads, but detectives are aware of this enhanced image," said police News Affairs Director Monique Bond.

The photograph surfaced last year, as part of a MySpace page by someone named "Angelique."

The photo trail ended with a teenager who found the picture on the Internet and posted it on MySpace. That teenager reportedly does not remember where she or he found the picture.

In August 2007, six years after the girls first went missing, their aunt told CBS 2 it could well be a picture of Tionda.

"That's my niece. I'm telling you that's my niece. And if it's not my niece, only DNA can prove me different," said Shelia Bradley-Smith.
Let's hope they're still out there somewhere and also for any possible answers that could be found in this case. There just has to be a reason why these two young black girls went missing back in 2001. What happened?

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