Friday, April 11, 2008

Fox Chicago Sunday Examines Race and Religion in Politics

Dan Proft, a local conservative activist or in fact a Republican consultant, advertised his appearance on FOX Chicago Sunday to talk about the story about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I just now got a chance to watch one of the clips, there are several. Let me state I'm tired of this story because to me it's mostly about nothing.

I'll give you that Jeremiah Wright has said some things that are horrible. Some would call it for-profit or indeed for attention some of these things I don't think makes him racist. I don't believe his church is racist. I do think Wright is very outspoken and it gets him in trouble.

Still I think there are better issues to attack Sen. Obama than to go after his pastor. What does Obama plan to do for this economy? What about health care? Can Obama truly be this agent of change to bring this country back from the divisiveness of the past decade?

The whole church flap to me is superficial an inconsequential. At first it was a race thing, people didn't like the fact that Wright's church was largely predicated on the fact that it IS a black church. It says so on its website.

Now it's less about the church and more about the sayings of Rev. Wright who many would probably say, hates America. Some would also say the same for the Senator for whom it became an issue when he refused to wear an American flag lapel pin & salute during the pledge of allegiance. Well as much as I think people have a choice in whether or not they should wear an lapel pin or even salute during the pledge of allegiance I hope Obama realizes that many Americans see this as very, very important.

Unfortunately most of these issues comes up. The first issue was Barack is a Muslim and probably by extension his middle name, Hussein and now we have to worry about his church and minister. At times I think that those who are responding to this who uses these as weapons against Obama especially with the unsubstantiated stories or even his middle name it just says a lot about them.

If you want to see the other segment there is a sidebar with other videos just below the video on the page link I've provided. In the top pic you'll see is the next segment. I almost wish FOXNewsChicago would develop the capability of embedding and an easier system of getting to these vids.

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