Friday, April 11, 2008

Banning talking on cellphones while in crosswalks

Often I've been irritated by this people talking on their cellphones and everywhere. It could be on the L, walking down the street, or perhaps in the privacy of their automobiles although that's a little better. Remember that's been banned in Chicago talking on a cellphone while driving an automobile.

In any case I've heard about this legislation being advanced in the state legislature by Rep. Ken Dunkin. Another way legislators might make well-meaning legislation while it almost seems like it's their jobs to be parents of grown people who know what they're doing. That's not to say a cell-phone won't distract you at exactly the wrong moment.

On the contrary, this is just merely being a busy body for a problem that isn't said to exist according to this Sun-Times commentary...
The bill has been put on hold for now, as a panel led by Secretary of State Jesse White that is investigating distracted driving finishes its work. As for walkers being run down mid-sentence, a White spokesman says the office has no numbers documenting the alleged problem.
As far as I'm concerned I would rather people walk around talking on their cell phones and trust that they know how to be cautious while they're doing it. So long as they're not bothering anybody, why should their be a law against whether or not they cross the street while talking on a cell-phone.

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