Saturday, March 29, 2008

MLB: Civil Rights Game

On ESPN right now is the Civil Rights Game 2008 being played in Memphis, TN. The teams involved are the Chicago White Sox vs. NY Mets. I just saw two interviews with Martin Luther King III and Ruby Dee.

Well it should be obvious to you who MLK III's namesake is. As for Ruby Dee she played the wife of Jackie Robinson, in The Jackie Robinson Story. She played opposite of Jackie Robinson. Oh, BTW, Jackie Robinson just so happened to be the first black to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

BTW, the History Channel will be airing a documentary on the life of Dr. King. Memphis, TN was where Dr. King met his death closing in on 40 years ago on April 4th. So I suppose it's appropriate that MLB is in Memphis today.

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