Friday, March 28, 2008

I had to change my profile pic again

The colored painted image of 19th century anti-slavery advocate Frederick Douglass sort of became unavailable. So the best I could do was find a similar picture a detail of that original painting, and unfortunately in black and white. I had to save it and then upload it directly to blogger in order to insure that it won't become unavailable at the wrong time.

It might be time for another profile pic change. It has become something of a tradition to use images of famous black leaders (and I mean respectable ones) to represent the face of this blog. One while it was Dr. Martin Luther King. Then another time it was the former President of Morehouse College Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays. Once upon a time I even used Bill Cosby as the face of this blog. Heh, one time a reader once thought that the pic of Bill Cosby was me. lol!

Earlier I just took any image I could find. I used Star Trek images such as pics of Capts. James T. Kirk and Benjamin Sisko. I even used this as a profile pic, and don't be offended I was of this mind once upon a time...
And it makes its grand return! I found others on the internet over time representing either the Republican Party or the religion of Islam. No doubt that if it was directed to the religion of Islam it's directed towards those individuals who are referred to as Islamo-Fascists. A term I always read as referring to Islamic fundamentalists.

Anyway I got some ideas on who should be next on the list. I can do Malcolm X and that would be for some people a controversial choice. I can do WEB DuBois. I can even do Booker T. Washington. Or perhaps I can find someone even more obscure than that. Well have to see. BTW, unless you've never researched the history of Morehouse College, you might believe and might be somewhat correct that Dr. Mays was obscure and let's not forget that Mays was somewhat of a mentor to a young Dr. King when he went to school at Morehouse.

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