Friday, February 08, 2008

There have been a lot of shootings lately

I just now saw a story about a shooting at a school in Louisiana. Also there have been shootings in Los Angeles and Missouri link to both stories from Second City Cop. Hmmm what is wrong, I wonder?

I still want to say, you guys know my position on guns. I don't think they're the problem. So to me the issue isn't with the fact that these people had a gun to shoot people. Instead what I'd like to know is what went thru their heads when they decided that they wanted to shoot somebody.

It almost makes me wish, short of taking guns away from everyone, that there was a way to prevent things like this from happening. By no means are these stories the only one I can find. Second City Cop will have plenty of stories about inner city gun violence, although at the same time the general position they have is in support of allowing citizens to own guns.

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