Saturday, February 09, 2008

South Side teacher accused of binding special-education student

I really like to know the circumstances of this story. Perhaps it doesn't matter if in general this is considered unaccepted. This almost allows me to go backwards in time to what I've experienced as an alum of the Chicago Public Schools.

Well I was in school during the time that they used corporal punishment. No one seemed to have a paddle so generally my teachers would use anything from a hand, a yard stick or at worst a pointer. Pointers really hurt, I'd rather they would use a yard stick. Sometimes the hand in question didn't just hit where you think it should it, the said hand would go upside your head on the wrong day.

Teachers would also put soap in a student's mouth when they used vulgar or profane language. Let me tell ya that wasn't a very pleasant experience. It also wasn't uncommon for teachers to tape a student's mouth shut when they couldn't stop talking. Almost like this case except it was restraint instead of keeping one's mouth shut.

Oh and I should be honest about something. What was worse than the pain of the punishment itself was the humiliation. If you had your detractors they didn't mind laughing at your expense although they might suffer the same humiliation on the teacher's worse day as well. You should know kids are if they're not receiving the punishment it's very funny and sometime they want to get you in trouble just to get the punishment. It might be deserved or it might not.

If I were a parent, I don't know I can't say I'd be upset at a paddlin, so long as they have my permission and hopefully my kid doesn't have any visible injuries on him. In addition to that I'd better know why he was being paddled. Also any of the other things that I've mentioned I'd rather they not do that to my child. That will include restraining him with duct tape to a chair!

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Gary said...

Back when I was was in school, our 5th grade teacher was always taping some noisy kid's mouth shut. She used a metal spool of Johnson and Johnson adhesive tape, 20 or 30 pieces of tape(!!!) over the offender's mouth. Mouth taped shut for the rest of the day.

And that tape HELD, I know from experience.

And if you got into any more trouble while you were taped up, your mouth had to be taped shut again all day long the next day too.

This was a grade school in a small town in Missouri back in the early 60s. Nowadays the teacher would get reprimanded, fired, or hit with a law suit. But of course back in those days no one ever dreamed a teacher could get in trouble for these things, it was just class room discipline as usual.

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