Monday, February 04, 2008

Milan gets an ad during the Super Bowl

I would call this a pretty good move. Bob Milan is not my favored candidate for State's Attorney but he has some negotiating skills for pulling this off. From the Sun-Times today...
Most politicians vying for office in Tuesday's primary took a break from campaigning during the hours the Super Bowl was on.

But there on television screens in bars and living rooms across the Chicago area Sunday was Bob Milan -- Democratic candidate for Cook County state's attorney -- who landed much-coveted commercial time just before the coin toss of one of the most-watched television events in the world.

Milan's move surprised competitors, who wondered how he did it.

WFLD-Channel 32, which was selling that particular ad time separate from national network time, initially priced it at $150,000. Milan offered $30,000 and, after much negotiating, got it, campaign spokesman Bill Figel said.

"This is crunch time -- gut check time -- and it's a crowded field," Milan said.

"Having my name out there, at the Super Bowl, gives me an edge."
Now there's just one more day left until Democrats or just plain voters will choose who will be the Democratic nominee.

Also in this race Ald. Howard Brookins was endorsed by Rev. Jesse Jackson. Not too long ago Jackson's namesake Congressman son chose to endorse Larry Suffredin for state's attorney.

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