Friday, February 01, 2008

Chicago Defender to return to weekly format

Seen first on John Rueberry's Marathon Pundit. The Defender was a weekly paper for most of it's history and it appears to be returning to its roots. Rueberry links to a Crain's article...

The Chicago Defender is cutting back to a weekly publication schedule, doubling its size and raising its price on Feb. 13, its top editor said Thursday.

Lou Ransom, executive editor for the historic black newspaper, said the decision was made after a year-long study of whether to return to a weekly format and abandon the current four-issue publication week.

“It’s a better use of our resources,” Mr. Ransom said. “It’s a better use of our editorial resources and a better use of our production resources.”

The paper was founded in 1905 as a weekly newspaper, but moved to a more frequent publication schedule in the 1960s, Mr. Ransom said.

"We're the only black newspaper in the country that publishes" multiple times a week, he said.

The Chicago Defender will double in size to at least 48 pages under the weekly format. The price will increase to 50 cents an issue, matching the current price for the weekend issue. The other three issues a week sell for 35 cents each.
I have seen their new site resign it looks good. Perhaps another feed I can place on my new blog, The Sixth Ward. This can only mean that after a 100 years of operation the famed black newspaper is entering in earnest the 21st Century. Perhaps when I get home I should check this paper out and see what's different. Though it still might be too soon to see any significant changes.

Also the same number of issues will be printed, about 60,000 so according to Mr. Ransom in there article there isn't any expected savings.

This is just in time for black history month!

ADDITION: Chicago Argus on the news about the Chicago Defender.

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