Saturday, February 16, 2008

Angry Black Voter: Black elected officials and black superdelegates begin to ditch Hillary

Well I suppose this is just another facet of the current news with regards to Democratic superdelegates. The ones who are not beholden to what the voters wants. It seems right now Democratic voters want Obama not Clinton.

TO be honest I have educated myself on this system and I guess most of us haven't heard of this because well since the current primary system is in place there isn't much reason to know that Democrats have superdelegates. There is now especially if this race between Obama and Clinton is especially close.

You know I can look at this as Obama's very first serious race where he has serious competition and he's doing amazingly well. I'm saying this as a guy who didn't start off as not a very big fan of his. Obama has certainly held his own in this race.

The post that I'm alluding to in the title talks about the news that Rep. John Lewis, congressman from Atlanta might tilt away from Clinton to Obama. Even though most of the superdelegates as I've stated already have no obligation to vote for primary voters choices. A superdelegate such as John Lewis might have to consider political implications if they choose to say Obama now is not your time.

Well all I can say is that the choice is theirs. To me if the theme of this election is change, I really don't think Sen. Clinton is it. To me she represents the 1990s and I know people want to go back to that time, but that time has passed and I'm not just talking about the time of "prosperity" but all the scandals. Do we really need that?

Either way this is an interesting election and I would dare say a very crucial one. I should look at the Republicans too but that's even more research than the Democrats. Their race so far is not as close, although it seems most Republicans (especially the conservative wing) doesn't seem to care too much for Sen. John McCain. Although it seems Republican voters are voting for McCain anyway!

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