Friday, January 04, 2008

More about the Iowa Caucus

I was watching FOX News coverage of the Caucuses. The Iowa Republican Caucus was called for Huckabee early. The Democratic contest apparently was more of a contest. I mentioned yesterday that before the caucuses Sen. Obama was already ahead probably in polling before the caucus and at first Obama was behing Sen. Hillary Clinton and eventually Obama edged her out to win in Iowa. Former Sen. John Edwards edged out Clinton for second place in the caucuses.

Two have dropped out of the race after the Iowa caucus, Senators Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) and Joseph Biden (D-Delaware). Let's just note still that Iowa is just one stop in the road to the White House so anyone who's still in the race can hope to move up. Iowa and New Hampshire coming up on Saturday are two places where aspiring Presidents can gain some momentum and hopefully allows them to coast in the later primaries coming up.

As far as the Republican side goes I have my preferences. I could go for Fred Thompson who was in third place in the Iowa caucuses. Rep. Ron Paul is saying some things I can agree with but there are some things that doesn't help me warm up to him. I was a fan of Giuliani but he kept using the image of September 11th too often for me. That is his claim to fame but I think the American people need something more than that. So far however, no one on the Republican side has particularly interested me. Perhaps I have Republican fatigue too.

On the Democratic side it's easier to pick out who might break out of the pact. Obama did last night and after so many months on top Sen. Clinton took a back seat. Hmm perhaps her elevation isn't so inevitable. Edwards after his performance in Iowa could probably prove to be the one who can come out of no where to win the nomination. I'm not a big fan of his but we'll have to see how that works out.

I want to note something before I close this post out.

Sen. Obama the first black man to win a primary. This was brought out on FOX News but contributor Juan Williams. He mentions Rep. Shirley Chisolm (a Democratic congresswoman from New York) who ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 1972 and Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr who of course ran for President in 1984 and 1988. Of course Rev. Al Sharpton was mentioned for his 2004 run for the Democratic nomination and I'm glad Williams mercifully left out former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun's run for the presidency in 2004. It can be said now that Obama has officially raised the bar and he did it in a Midwestern state that doesn't have population or even diverse racial groups. One could wonder how well he could do in a more populated state such as California or New York.

All I can say is the best is yet to come!

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