Saturday, January 05, 2008

Barack Obama and the Black Vote

At about 10PM I was watching this BET program Hell Date and during one of the commercials that aired has excerpts of speeches and videos from Sen. Barack Obama. The two pieces of footage I recognize was Obama's announcement speech outside of the old Illinois state capitol and his speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Then there was this connection between Hip-Hop and politics an allusion I suppose to the whole youth thing. Getting the younger people into politics especially those of the hip-hop generation.

The program is entitled What's in it for Us? and it airs on BET January 8th at 10PM EST and it features an long interview with Sen. Obama. There will be another program similarly titled with an interview of his main rival Sen. Hillary Clinton that airs on January 15th at the same time.

Here are some appropriate links

BET Talks to Prez Hopefuls in New Show, "What's in it for US?" from VIBE
BET Sits Down W/ Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton To Find Out, "What's In It For Us?" from
News specials to feature interviews with Senators Obama and Clinton. from

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