Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daley: No Casino In 'My Beautiful Park'

This is a bit disappointing. From Channel 2...

Squabbling among lawmakers could derail plans to bring a casino to Chicago.

If it were to happen though, Mayor Richard M. Daley was emphatic Tuesday about where any city-owned casino would not be located.

"Well, it's not going to be near the lakefront, of course. It's not going to be in communities, it's not going to be I Navy Pier, it's not going to be in my beautiful park, Northerly Island," he said with a smile and added it would also not be at McCormick Place or Block 37.

The mayor did not mention Michigan avenue locations as among those on the outs. CBS 2 reported Monday night the old Congress Hotel is among those under consideration.

CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery also reported the plan could bring seven new casinos to the Chicago area.

Chicago would become the first American city to own a casino. In the suburbs, four existing riverboats would each get hundreds of new gambling positions. Two more boats would go to sites chosen by the Illinois Gaming Board, and four suburban Horse tracks would each get hundreds of slot machines.
I honestly am glad he's placing a line towards where a city casino would go. I think he's making a mistake by not putting casinos in the neighborhoods. Michigan Avenue isn't a bad place so long as the casino isn't downtown.

I would like to see a casino in a more impoverished neighborhood than I would see it anywhere near downtown. Though I understand that perhaps downtown is better since downtown is very easily accessible especially thru public transportation. Still why not let those communities who want a casino to have one. Why should this be a problem?

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