Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chicago State copier buys were inside deal

Almost a shame from a school with a nice campus but when I was still looking for a college to attend a school with a less than stellar reputation. One which is probably still considered a school of last resort. Those who do go were forced to prove themselves when they attend a school of higher learning.

Still the administration isn't making the school looking good if you see this subheader under the headline in this Tribune article, "School faces growing scrutiny on finances"...
Chicago State University officials paid more than $250,000 this year to buy two copy machines from a company owned by a university employee, a deal that has triggered an investigation by the state attorney general while raising new questions about lax financial oversight at the school.

University officials appear to have violated state and university policies when they failed to seek bids before buying the copiers from a company owned by Michael Vernon Warren, then the university's director of publications and copy services. Warren says he was later forced to resign.

Warren operates A&W Group out of his Chicago Heights home. The company is licensed by the City of Chicago to do home repairs and general contracting.

Along with the potential conflict of interest, the price Warren charged for the copiers has raised eyebrows. The university recently paid about $127,000 for two similar machines, according to a vendor who sold that equipment.

Chicago State spokeswoman Robyn Wheeler said university officials did not know Warren owned A&W Group when they inked the deal for the copiers, along with a separate deal to buy thousands of pounds of paper and cover stock from A&W for $37,250. She said administrators relied on Warren to ensure the price was fair.
I want to link other Chicago State stories I have posted here. One will illustrate how this isn't the first time that university's finances were scrutinized.

Chicago St. president pays back $8,650
I was surprised to see this in Chicagoist yesterday...

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