Thursday, April 06, 2006

Morehouse SGA elections

I don't write a lot about my school on this blog, but let me just say I've attended two colleges and the Student Government Association (SGA) elections at Morehouse seem to be the most serious. At a school that promotes itself as developing leader perhaps that's the idea. Theoretically our next leaders either ran for or were elected to positions on the Morehouse SGA.

I'd like to have pictures up of the debates that took place on Monday. It was a circus because it seemed my fellow students wanted action. One of my guys said it was like Jerry Springer. I either said it was no different than the British Parliament or it was like WWF.

Either way there were some good articulate candidates who knew who they were talking about. There were some whom I'm glad aren't going to get too close to an SGA position. And I was disappointed that the guy I supported for SGA President didn't even make the runoff.

This is how serious Morehouse SGA elections were. Last year as it were this year the balloting was electronic. They handed us these cards with computer chips and they program these cards and then we take the programmed cards to the voting booth and make our selections. With the run-off that was today it was less technical, just a simple paper ballot with the voters marking their choices.

That's the strange part Morehouse calls in the Georgia Secretary of State or whoever oversees the elections in this state to help administer the SGA elections here. Morehouse at times seem more like a high school than a college and I would expect the simple paper ballots but I would suppose you need some outside folks to come in create the ballots and then ultimately count the votes. Of course the students are still involved as citizens of this great community known as Morehouse.

I should also mention Spelman. The guys at Morehouse like to show out. They really put on a show with websites, professionally created posters, t-shirts and the like. As far as I have observed the ladies over at Spelman College don't seem to be that competitive and that's not to say they aren't. I just haven't seen it and most of the compaign signs I've seen are hand made. It seems the ladies like to use their hands with their campaign materials.

I have a few shots from around Spelman during their campaign season. It was back in February so whoever ran has won or lost already. Either way this was a fun campaign. I wonder if I could have ran for something. Well I guess right now being a big cheese in student government isn't for me right now.


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