Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anita Alvarez on Public Affairs

I saw this program yesterday unlike the other programs I mentioned Howard Brookins, Larry Suffredin, and Tom Allen with candidates for State's Attorney standing for election the issue of guns didn't come up until the closing credits were running. And during this time, I heard Ms. Alvarez who is a deputy State's Attorney under outgoing state's attorney Richard Devine said that she doesn't think citizens have the right to have a firearm and we would be safer without guns out here in the streets. Heh, typical!

A far cry from Alderman Brookins who believes that responsible people or citizens should be allowed that right though he won't consider, yet, concealed carry. A far cry from his city council colleague Tom Allen who wants to go after the criminals who may engage in illegal activities with guns whether they're illegally selling them in the streets to be used in crime or whatever. Not a far cry from Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin who doesn't seem to trust law-abiding citizen from using their right to have a firearm responsibly.

It's very easy for me to declare that Suffredin and Alvarez are candidates that have a sort of nanny state mentality that suggest that they don't trust people to be responsible and make wise choices whether it's with firearms or other areas. Not that I don't understand where this comes from especially with people being people they don't always make the most wisest decisions but why believe you should have to ruin it for everybody. The least a state's attorney can do is prosecute those who committed a crime with the use of a firearm, at least a state's attorney can't legislate more gun control. All they can do is prosecute the crimes before them.

You know this could just lead to other issues I want to pontificate on later. Perhaps even leading to me discussing more about the Illinois state constitution. One assignment I have for those of you reading this is to look up a Supreme Court case South vs. Maryland. I'm going to get back to that later.

In the meanwhile, here's a YouTube video of this program where show host Jeff Berkowitz discusses other issues with Ms. Alvarez such as police torture and police brutality. Enjoy!!!

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