Saturday, November 03, 2007

Remember this story over the summer...

I blogged about it back in July. A girl was missing after she told her grandma that there was a white van outside and she was gonna check it out. I wondered why grandma didn't go check out this van with her. It took me until November to find an update...
An all-out search for a missing 6-year-old girl was called off Thursday after she was located safe in the custody of a family that attends her grandmother's church.

The frantic search for a missing girl kept police in northwest Indiana busy all day long, but thanks to a neighborhood tip she was found Thursday evening.

As CBS 2's Derrick Blakley reports, she is safe, but not back with her family.

Police say Indiana's child protection service will make the call on when or whether 6-year-old Kayla Kinsey will be returned to her grandmother's home. The little girl was found safe and unharmed, but questions remain about how and why the false alarm was sounded.

"I'm relieved, can't wait to see her," said Kayla's grandmother, Elois Perkins.

Perkins is relieved that the girl was found unharmed Thursday around 6pm, a little more than 24 hours after she was reported missing.

It was James Wiley's family that had picked up Kayla and was keeping her at their Gary home. He calls it a misunderstanding.

"Now Sunday at church my wife and the grandmother talked, because we have grandchildren the same age as Kayla. So my wife said, 'well can Kayla come and stay with us?'" Wiley said. "The grandmother agreed. We picked her up yesterday."

Kayla's family handed out flyers they hoped would lead to her return after her grandmother said she last saw her Wednesday at 1 p.m., at 22nd Avenue and Taft Street in Gary. Perkins said Kayla told her a white car was in the front yard and she was going to see who was inside.

"She didn't come in the house to say she got her that day," Perkins said. "I'm looking for the child and she didn't say she had her."

The grandmother could have been charged with filing a false police report but at least the authorities realized this was a case of a miscommunication.

Another story I posted about over the summer about a 13 year old girl found in a park in Joliet, Illinois. Aside from the identification of her body we still don't know what happened to her.

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