Friday, November 02, 2007


Since the Tribune printed an editorial in support of recall on Sunday, there appears to have been nothing but articles on recall.

In the Capitol Fax Blog's Question of the Day we see some articles about recall. CBS2Chicago says that Springfield Democrats are backing recall amendment...

Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn on Thursday endorsed the idea of for the first time giving Illinois voters the ability to recall public officials. He did not necessarily endorse the specific recall of Blagojevich, but there was another Democrat who did. But State Rep. Jack Franks during a news conference did just that.
Well the Tribune might have opened the floodgate, however, this had to have been festering for a while. Besides we had this all summer long overtime session where the governor seemed unwilling to compromise or even work with memebers of the state legislature. It seems really getting into the nuts and bolts of governing was never a big interest to him. A lot of people gripe that he's always in campaigning mode.

Anyway as we discuss recall, a lot of people invoke what happened to California. I have no doubt that Illinois make take it a bit more seriously than Californians did with everybody and their mommas running for governor there. Still I was entertained by that spectacle and even better than that I was supportive of it.

Why shouldn't the people have the right to dismiss a public official that they deem unable, unfit, or even incompetent for the job. Hopefully recalling a politician will not be made easy and I imagine it wasn't in California. I don't want recall as means for voters to express their short term anger.

In the case of the governor, it seems that many should have seen this coming. We can discuss his work habits as well as his unwillingness to work with members of the legislature in achieving his legislative goals. Unfortunately, Illinoisians did re-elect him to the governorship like it or not.

At least though Illinois is discussing this type of thing because of the situation the state is in at this moment. I hope that Illinois calls a constitutional convention. To say the least the idea sounds exciting.

BTW, I might make this my next post. I'll give you a hint that I've written about it before, but I want to write a more persuasive argument. It will be coming soon and I'm already compiling posts about it.

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