Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Deanna Glass, 14, missing!!!

Chicagoist gets a hat-tip for providing a link to this story. I did a Google search to find more stories about her and I found a link to this blog, Bonnie's Blog of Crime, that links to other stories involving this girl's case. I would suggest you go there for a compilation of stories.

BTW, her disapperance occurred apparently in the same neighborhood that the police found two burned bodies in trashcans last week. I really hope that they find this girl!!!

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The North Coast said...

This is very scary and ugly.

Why has not this tragic case received the same publicity as the disappearances of two suburban wives, whose husbands are suspect in their cases?

Is it because things like that are not supposed to happen to white suburban women?

Or is it that the case of an innocent young teen is so tragic and sick we can't deal with it on any level?

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