Friday, November 23, 2007

Congressman accusses police of racial profiling...

I found this thru and don't forget that just over two years ago another Illinois politician accused police of the same thing.

Illinois Congressman Danny Davis is accusing two Chicago police officers of racial profiling after they pulled him over and gave him a traffic ticket earlier this week.

The Chicago Democrat, who is black, said he was pulled over early Monday by two white officers who claimed he had driven over the center line. Davis insists he did nothing to deserve the ticket.

Police spokeswoman Monique Bond says Davis was stopped and ticketed for driving left of the center line. His license was later returned, but Davis was still issued the $75 ticket.

Davis says when he was stopped, he asked one of the officers why . The officer accused him of swerving, which Davis says he denied.
To be honest I would take these charges with a grain of salt. It's pretty easy to claim racial profiling, although don't put me in the camp that denies it. We don't know what happened on whatever road or street Rep. Davis was on. All we know is that the police stopped him because they claimed he was swerving.

I hope the police knows that if they decided to engage in this behavior of racial profiling and they do this to the wrong person (that person being a politician) then they ought to know they're taking a chance. This politician can raise a funk that might cost the police officers in question their jobs. In which case it's perhaps best not to engage in racial profiling.

BTW, the Congressman says in the article that he will contest the ticket.

Oh and here's another story from CBS2News with video as well. They mentions this piece of statistics...
A recent survey suggests that 59 percent of African-Americans believe they've been racially profiled in traffic stops by police. The congressman said police need to put an end to it.

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IrishPirate said...

The congressman should go back to working with the Reverend Moon.

He was pulled over in an area that is 99 percent black. If they pulled my pale ass over there that would be racial profiling.

This strikes me more as a sense that he is entitled to be above getting tickets because he is a congressman. White politicians would likely feel no different.

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