Friday, July 15, 2005

Rev. James Meeks was racially profiled

I found this story on Capitol Fax Blog. Rev. James Meeks pastor of Salem Baptist Church which recently open its new sanctuary House of Hope was pulled over by a white Chicago Police sergeant. He is not only a pastor of a large congregation but he is also an independent State Senator of the 15 district. He represents a piece of the far south side of Chicago.
The confrontation occurred about 9 p.m. Wednesday at 116th Street and Kensington Avenue as Meeks, accompanied by his wife, Jamell, their son James Jr., 19, and his driver and security guard Terry Booker, left Bible study at nearby Salem Baptist Church, where Meeks is the minister.

According to Meeks, the sergeant who pulled his family over became angry when Meeks exited the car and identified himself, telling Meeks: "Get back in the f-----g car." When Meeks repeated his identity, the sergeant pulled his gun from his holster, stuck it in Meeks' face and said, "I know who you are . . . Get back in the f-----g car," Meeks alleges.
This is a comment by Meeks...
"That's the moment that you realize that you are black. No matter what you have achieved or accomplished, you are still black,"
I haven't had many problems with this. Most likely because I've never had a car and been stopped by police. I would consider this a silly charge and just a way to really get blacks to hate the police (whose job it is to protect them). Then again I have no doubt that there are some idiot cop out there who would find an excuse to pull over a black motorist without any serious cause.

In any event there are calls for an investigation in this matter. Meeks was issued four traffic tickets which included charges of failing to stop at a stop sign and an unfastened seat belt.

Meeks says cop put gun to his head from Chicago Sun-Times July 15, 2005
Ill. Lawmaker Said Faced Racial Profiling (AP) from Yahoo! News July 15, 2005
Rev. Meeks Claims Racial Profiling In Traffic Stop (w/video) from CBS2Chicago July 14, 2005

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