Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Two posts about the governor of Illinois

I really want to know why Illinois was more willing to return this man to the governorship than Judy Baar Topinka. I'm sure some may have thought she wasn't much better but this man was destined for disaster. We're looking at it right now.

Check out this info from The Capitol Fax Blog. Governor Rod Blagojevich is doing much worse pollwise than President Bush. People even bring up the fact that Illinois is said to be a blue state. A Democratic controlled state and the governor is woe-fully unpopular.

ArchPundit is saying that the Governor has lost to his rival Michael J. Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives...
All Madigan has to do is sit, avoid headlines, and he, or his daughter, will be around far longer than the guy there now. The thing Jones needs to seriously think about is whether he wants anyone in his caucus tied to this guy. While I think that relationship is far more tenuous than those that claim it’s the defining issue in Illinois, Jones gets nothing out of this relationship besides headaches.

George Bush, probably the President who has sustained low poll numbers longer than anyone else is twice as popular as a Democratic Governor in a blue state. And we haven’t even had any good indictments lately.
ArchPundit probably saw these numbers and in that post he declared these numbers Nixonian. I know people were hoping for an indictment so that Lt. Gov. Quinn could become governor but I see a much better solution. Perhaps the Governor could finally realize he's ineffective and resign. His political prospects may never go back up but at least he can save face.

BTW, I also wanted to post comments on the Governor's unpopularity from the Illinois Reason blog...
Don’t get me wrong, Blago wasn’t terribly popular when his current term began. He won re-election with less than 50% of the vote. But he has dropped to 16%. 6 point drop in one two months.

I’ve complained about this Governor quite often in the past. I’ve never really liked him. One of the first things he did upon entering office was cut funding for higher education (with my Alma Mater taking the biggest hit, I believe (UIUC)). Coincidentally, UIUC’s tuition has risen astronomically since Blago became governor.

But his handling of the budget situation and the RTA problem has been absurdly awful. He issues fiats saying this is what’s going to happen and takes everyone by surprise. Then he complains when the legislature won’t play ball. He fights Mike Madigan at every opportunity, no matter how ridiculous. He is willing to risk sinking the economy in Northeastern Illinois so that he can abide by a campaign pledge.

At this point, it’s all about the Governor’s ego. He has to beat Madigan at something. I never thought I would see the day where Madigan looked like the good guy. Well, that day is here. Mike Madigan is the good guy in Springfield. It’s time for the Governor to govern, not fight with the Speaker.

Governor, you will never win another election in this State. This approval rating should show you that. Give it up. You lost. It’s over. You are now a lame duck.

You are almost as unpopular as Dick Cheney, sir. Twice as many people in this state think George Bush is doing a good job than think you are doing a good job. Those 16%? They are on your payroll.
BTW, he mentions another Capitol Fax Blog post about the Governor's new plan for the Chicago Transit Authority and it's sister transit agencies in the Chicago area. He's pulling something else out of his A double-crooked letter. The post is aptly titled, The mystery meat may not even be meat.

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