Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever since the whole Jena 6 story broke out...

I've seen nothing but stories about the liberal uses of nooses directed towards blacks and not just because they say under the "white people" tree, but we see this in the workplace and all that. The school district in Jena, LA might have seen this done by a bunch of high school kids as nothing more than a prank and in that regards I could deride them as a bit out of touch. In other situations I can see this as these people know exactly what they are doing in display a noose.

The State of discusses a plan by the Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III wants to organize a march on Washington with regards to these recent noose stories. I'm leaving some of their snide comments intact. Hopefully you'll either laugh or think about what is said...

"Several African-American leaders, including the Rev. Al Sharpton (does this guy have the market cornered or what?) and Martin Luther King III (nice name, but do something else to make yourself relevant, like get married and have kids), are expected to gather in Atlanta on Tuesday morning to announce a march on Washington, D.C., to demand that federal authorities intervene in the "huge outbreak" of hate crimes nationwide."

"In the history of the civil rights movements, we have often had to appeal to the federal government to intervene. That was certainly the case during my father's era of leadership," King said Monday night. "[The march next month] is an appeal to the federal government to do something about the crimes, such as the nooses that seem to be popping up all over the nation."
The rest of the post argues that the current crop of "black leadership" is doing nothing more than seeking to recreate the 1960s. I suppose this is something that Rush Limbaugh would refer to as "playing from an old playbook".

Anyway here are some stories that I have found overtime about these "harmless" nooses.

Nooses: When Retro Goes too Far by Jack & Jill Politics
Hangman's Noose Found on NYC Prof's Door from
Nooses from a Black Perspective by IllinoisReview

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Anonymous said...

So very hard to know where to stand on this issue.

On one hand there is the very frightening symbolism of previous hate/action and the obvious intent to put someone in their place or threaten them.

On the other hand, some of the greatest minority figures of our time, including the Civil War, refused to be intimidated by the cloaks and the nooses, rather laid the groundwork for minority opportunity.

I am a white female. I do not live with a legacy of hatred and death. But we have certainly had to carry our albatross in political recognition, employment, sexual perception...the list can go on.

I remember many years back, a coworker asked me if it angered me that men in my position made more than me. She was shocked when I said no. I had to explain to her that I feel it is derogatory to brood over things like that. You damn yourself before you start. I really don't, and don't want to, think that way.

Do I get upset when people treat me in a sexist way? YES!!! Do I let it stop me or expect Washington to enact some lame legislation? No!!!!

Why? Because the laws are there. It is not the goverment's job to play big brother for the small percentage of the population that can't or won't change their mind. The best way to affect change is to prove them wrong. To ignore lame insults or signs, to persevere and succeed.

In this day and age, the people that resort to these cruel and immature antics are clearly very insecure themselves. By buying into these tactics, becoming outraged and or responding with violence; we only confirm their opinions and justify the immature behavior.

We need to show these people what we can be rather than feeling limited by what they think we are.

Great post!!!

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