Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is interesting

Capitol Fax Blog comments on city tax stories. Hugh in the comments provides links and a basic gist of some comments made by west side Alderman Denise Dixon.

Speaking of goofy quotes, listen to frosh Alderman Denise Dixon (24th) 2nd round question. She’s identified a major revenue leak in her west-side ward: the City sells land to churches for a dollar, then the churches don’t do anything with it! She’d like to get the property tax base working for us, but the City has sold all the undeveloped land in her ward to churches. Can’t something be done?

Seems like a hard way to get to $300M for next year.

We’re in good hands.
Aldertrack has audio from the budget hearing on Oct 15th and you can hear Ald. Dixon's comments if you don't believe the paraphrasing here.

I don't have a problem with the churches but Dixon brings up a valid point. Surely many of us have heard about this program where the city provides churches with land at just about $1. This might be problematic in those areas with vacant land. Especially if you can use the revunue that could be provided by residential or commercial businesses instead of a non-profit.

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