Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Story from Milwaukee's Bronzeville

I've been attempting to find some information on this place for a while. Hopefully I'll present a report on some of my findings soon. What I can tell you about this place is that just like in Chicago, blacks had a neighborhood similar to our Bronzeville or Black Metropolis.

Here's a story about some brothers who are starting business in a newly revitalized Bronzeville neighborhood in Milwaukee. This was among some of the links I have compiled looking up thins abou tthis neighborhood.

Of course Milwaukee's Bronzeville fell on hard times because blacks started to spead out. In the case of Milaukee the heart of the neighborhood was destroyed by progress. That is a street was destroyed in favor of an expressway. If you look at some of the historically black neighborhoods around the country I know of another black community destroyed by the construction of an expressway.

Well there might be more on that when I finish my casual research on this subject. For now take a look at that story.

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