Friday, September 21, 2007

Desperate Search For Missing Chicago Woman

I was at my blog then I was trying to get back to the Capitol Fax Blog. You know I had just been there and since I tend to have up two or three browser windows I accidently closed the window that had the Capitol Fax Blog up. By mistake I clicked the link to Channel 2 News and I found this story...
Police are sorting through leads and have some ideas in the search for 28-year-old Nailah Franklin, who apparently disappeared earlier this week, and they are asking for the public's help in finding her.

She lives in the 1500 block of South Sangamon Street in University Village.

As CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports, friends and family say she is bright, beautiful and successful, living in a nice building in the trendy new neighborhood near the University of Illinois at Chicago. The last thing her family and friends expected was for her to just disappear.

Two Chicago police detectives were at her condo building Thursday to check out the building's hi-tech surveillance system, with cameras in the lobby, at the elevators, and in the garage, where she parked her car.

Franklin and her sisters were very close. She doted on her 1-year-old niece, Harper. She was a successful pharmaceutical representative, and loved going out with friends. But she had a problem, which she reported to police – phone messages from a man she once dated.

"I heard it, I heard the message," said Franklin's friend Dana McClellan. She said the message contained the following: "Basically 'I could do harm to you. You haven't seen that side, of me but I do have a bad side and I could do harm to you.'"

Her last contacts were three text messages Tuesday night, when she didn't answer her phone, claiming to be at dinner.

Police have released a missing person flyer, saying she missed a crucial meeting with her boss Wednesday morning, which was out of character for her. When the company contacted her family, sister Leila Franklin Acox rushed to Nailah's apartment to search and immediately noticed two computers were missing.
Here's a basic description...
Franklin is 28 years old, 5-feet 2-inches, 115 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair. Her car is a 2005 gray Chevy four-door Impala, license plate 1957855.
If you have any information about the case, police ask that you call (312) 746-9259.
While it doesn't seem like they ever find these missing persons in one piece I really hope they find this woman.

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