Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well I knew I wasn't the only one but man...

I'm often amused when people seems to say what I say. Almost as if they read what I said, though there is a good chance that they hadn't and it's only coincidental. Still I read this comment on the Capitol Fax Blog item with regards to Illinois Ministers vowing to shut down the Illinois House of Reps so they can vote on a budget that should have been approved back in May. Check out this comment from Tom...

Who is advising Blago on this stuff? Although this is an impolitic thought, it is pretty clear that Mike Madigan is not going to be influenced by African American ministers. Madigan sees the future of his majority and the democratic party in the collar counties. He takes the black vote for granted because he can, but also because the average voter, black or white, do not really care about these issues. Madigan appreciates more than most that pocketbook issues matter and he will not care one whit about stunts. Blago is not just a bad leader and bad administrator, he is a bad politician.
The bad politician post about the Governor wrote early in June.

You know I wonder if I should quantify what a bad politician is.

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