Sunday, July 29, 2007

This sounds suspicious to me...

I heard about this story this morning...
Former Bull Eddy Curry was robbed at gunpoint in his southwest suburban home early Saturday, less than a month after fellow NBA star Antoine Walker was victimized in a similar attack in Chicago.

A law enforcement source called the similarities between the two incidents "striking" and said there was a strong likelihood that they were somehow connected.

Curry, a 6-foot-11-inch center for the New York Knicks, was at his Burr Ridge mansion with three family members and an employee when the home invasion took place around 12:15 a.m. Saturday, Burr Ridge Police said in a statement. Three armed offenders wearing masks bound the 285-pound Curry and the other victims with duct tape and then fled with cash and jewelry.

No one was injured.

Burr Ridge Police said the attack on Curry did not appear to be random but could not say whether the crew responsible for Saturday's robbery might be targeting NBA players.

"We are interested in that case," Burr Ridge Deputy Police Chief John Madden said, adding that his department has been in contact with the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago Police, meanwhile, maintained there are several similarities between the robberies.

In each case, three armed robbers wearing masks were waiting inside the home and used duct tape to bind the NBA player. And in each case, jewelry was taken, police noted.

But unlike the Walker robbery, during which the Miami Heat forward's Mercedes was stolen, no vehicles were taken from Curry's home.

Walker was also ambushed in broad daylight, while Curry was robbed late at night.

The robbers in the Walker stickup have not been caught, but a woman and man were later caught with two of Walker's watches and a diamond necklace, all of which had been taken in the holdup.
Knowing a little bit about these stories I get the idea that not only were Curry and Walker targeted, but I also get the idea that they were involved in something they shouldn't have been. Who knows the people targeting them may have some connection with these criminals. Some of these guys might still hang around with the people from their hoods and let's face it some of the people from the hood aren't eaxctly on the up & up. I hope we find out more details.

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