Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Riverdale mayor speaks out against gun shop protests

Hat-tip goes to Second City Cop where the post title reminds me of a similar title of an internet based video that has made the rounds on the web in the last four years.

Mayor Zenobia Evans sticks up for Chuck's Gun Shop and rails against the protests of Father Michael Pflege of St. Sabina and Rev. Jesse Jackson because of the lack of resources that Riverdale has in terms of police officers to watch over the march on the local gun shop. From Channel 7...
Tuesday, the mayor of Riverdale said the village has strict gun laws, and Chuck's follows the laws and is a responsible business. Mayor Zenovia Evans suggests protesters take those protests to state legislators.

"They are aware the gun ordinance is probably the strictest of the state. They are aware that we have very limited finances, that the police guard the place or stand out there when they are doing the march. It cost the Village of Riverdale over $3,500 just to provide that protection," said Mayor Evans.

Mayor Evans says this is an undue hardship on the village, and they need those resources to provide education and job training for the young people who are unfortunately falling victim to gun violence. Mayor Evans also says she understands the frustration of families who have lost loved ones, as she has lost a son and two nephews. She offered to go to Springfield when and if Reverend Jackson and Father Pfleger march to Springfield to protest the gun laws currently in Illinois.
You know these protest has found their way onto FOX News Channel. In fact I didn't watch the segment but Hannity & Colmes was going to make a big deal about it on a segment on that program. It was over Father Pfleger's comments over "snuffing" out gun shop owners. Even if that comment was taken out of context, not a very smart thing for a man of the cloth to say.

BTW, there are a lot of anger towards the deaths of our young people because of CRIMINALS with guns, but I think marching against a gun shop is probably not the best way to go about it. Especially against a business that is said to be responsible business. I highly doubt criminals are going to a gun shop to purchase a gun to committ a crime.

Mayor Evans is right though Rev. Jackson & Fr. Pfleger should direct their energies towards the political process in Springfield or even getting being Rep. Bobby Rush's bill in Congress. Indeed how about taking a stand against the criminals who engage in their criminal acts on Chicago neighborhoods.


JP Paulus said...

Isn't the reason why they targeted that gun store was because several criminals DID get their guns from there, if not directly, then from someone who DID buy them there.

Guns that criminals use aren't MADE illegally (as opposed to alcohol during Prohibition, or drugs like Crystal Meth) - they are made by where along the chain -- from manufacturer to seller to ultimately perpetrator (in in between government regulations & enforcers of the law)-- someone else has aided the criminal.

in addition there's the attidue of violence -- it's why God destroyed the entire planet , according to Genesis 6:13. That needs to be addressed to

JP Paulus said...

Just saw the Chicago Tonight Friday show, where John Calloway is interviewing of Michael Pfleger.

He said that in 2002, 500 guns were traced back to Chuck's gun shop.

In 2003, 360 were traced back to Chuck's.

It's not a random thing, but obviously serious.

i wish the NRA would look at the 2nd Amendment which says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". I wish they wouldn't ignore that first part.

They could MAKE money by training people to use guns rather than WASTE money on campaign funds & lawyers trying to keep things the same

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