Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blair's Bill Will Require Safe Gun Use

I'm linking from the CBS 2 website but I just heard about this story from tonights FOX 32 newscast. Let me just state that generally I'm anti-gun control but I prefer reasonable limits as to the use of firearms. Especially preventing or punishing convicted felons of having guns or using them in a crime. In addition I think those individuals who wish to use a firearm for their self -defense should be trained in their use. There are a lot of "safeguards" to be considered in allowing responsible people to own and use a firearm.

Here's more about Blair's Bill and from what I heard on FOX 32 it sounds good to me...
The bill, called “Blair’s Bill,” would require licensing of all individuals who own guns, and create a national registry tracking gun sales and ownership. Congressman Bobby Rush, who has also been personally affected by gun violence, plans to introduce it in Washington later this week.

“My son lost his life in 1999 due to senseless gun violence and my nephew sits in jail today convicted of fatally shooting someone,” Rush said.

The proposed bill is named for Julian High School junior Blair Holt who was killed throwing himself into harms way for a friend during a shooting on board a CTA bus after he had left school for the day last month.

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