Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Messed up people...

I was on my way to boarding the train at the 95th Street terminal when I saw a pregnant woman waiting to catch a bus with her midget boyfriend (or it could just be a friend). She didn't look very young but she didn't look very old either. At least she was young enough to still be pregnant.

Anyway, she was about to do something that should be disturbing and I hope her midget friend has some gumption to just tell her to stop. This woman was lighting up her cigarette even though she was already about 7 or 8 months along. This was without a doubt the most outrageous thing I have seen.

I hope she knows what she is doing and who knows I should have said something smart. Then again she looks like the streets has got a hold of her so I was better off biting my tongue. So not only is she messed up but she is messing up her unborn child.

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