Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A pair of crime stories

First, some teen theives were caught while attempted to get the perfect fit. Hmm that team had both and handgun and a shotgun ready for action but they want to waste time with getting some shoes that were 10s and 11s. This is why they're going to jail. I mean why even bother you might as well pay for them or find a good bootlegger to buy them from for cheap...
Three men -- one with a shotgun and one with a handgun -- entered Clothing Zone in the 600 block of East 67th Sunday and forced staffers onto the floor, said Calumet Area Detective Debra Sanello.

They scooped up clothing, but it was their shouting about certain shoe sizes that alerted a worker in the back room. They yelled " 'We only want 10s and 11s,' '' Sanello said.

That worker called 911. When the robbers emerged, Officers John Block, Dan Castillo, Bryan Ford and Michael Slattery were waiting.

One fled, but Brandon Loving, 17; and Antoine Irby, 19; were arrested and charged with robbery, Sanello said.
I intentionally made this story the last. The Chicago Police have been taking a nice beating as of late so I'm not trying to add to it. I sincerely hope that the police are embarrased by the actions of this police officer...
Police Officer Charlton McKay, 34, went on trial Monday on charges of reckless homicide and other offenses for his alleged role in a Sept. 22, 2005, crash that took the life of Edward Lucas, 15.

"That car went through a stop sign and hit Edward Lucas. The car didn't stop before, and it didn't stop after," said assistant state's attorney Mark Shlifka.

McKay was on his way to pick up his girlfriend when he plowed through the intersection of 109th and Vincennes going 50 to 60 mph, striking Lucas and speeding away, Shlifka said. His black Cadillac was found at another address, but investigators matched paint chips at the scene to marks on the car, Shlifka said.

Defense lawyer Anthony Schumann attacked the prosecution's case, saying "there is no direct evidence that Charlton McKay was present."

Jetaun Morrow, McKay's girlfriend, testified that on the night of Lucas' death, McKay told her, "The car was in an accident." But Shlifka noted she had previously told prosecutors that he said, "I had an accident."

McKay also told Morrow not to mention the accident to police, according to Morrow's grand jury testimony. McKay faces up to 14 years in prison if convicted.

So these two stories are worth noting today.

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