Sunday, April 15, 2007

Till church now a landmark

Another piece of news on the Till front. This story seems to have been on fire in the past few years. We still hear blurbs about it.

First a documentary, then the FBI closes the case without bringing about charges, then just last week a story about one day using the story where the who saga started, and now the church where this boy's funeral was held is now a landmark.

For those of you who don't know about Emmett Till. This young black boy was 14 years old when he whistled and flirted with an older white lady in a Money, Mississippi grocery store seemingly on a dare. This lady's husband and some other white men later came to his home and got him from his bed at night (yeah that's what they did in those days) and lynched him. There are plenty of stories about what they exactly did to Emmett including that while he was still alive they cut of his genitals and stuck it in his mouth before he was killed.

Whatever happened he was beaten to a pulp. The result you would see if you were to find pictures of his body in a casket. He was unrecognizable. Anyway after they did what they did to him they threw him into a local river.

This story was place into many black news media at the time including Ebony magazine and the Chicago Defender and served to galvanize the Civil Rights fight of the era. This was probably just one of the worst lynchings America had to have ever heard of. I wonder if Americans could believe that such nonsense was going on in this country at that time.

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