Sunday, April 08, 2007

Store from Till murder could be restored

This story would have been relegated to my links but this is worth nothing here. I'm mixed as to whether this is a good idea or not. Though it isn't a bad idea, there needs to be a reminder of what hate can do. If this can keep this story alive then maybe this isn't a bad idea.

Bob Jenkins Jr., president and chief executive officer of Hampton Roads Ventures LLC of Norfolk, Va., met with local officials and property owner Martin Tribble on Thursday.

Tribble didn't say what he might do with the old Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market site, located in Money about 10 miles north of Greenwood.

''As for now, we don't have a price on what it will cost to restore it,'' Tribble said. ''That's one of our options that we're going to follow through on.''

Jenkins said his group works with dilapidated properties to try to attract private sector investment. He hopes his group could provide some answers on restoring the nationally significant site.

Jenkins said the building would likely qualify for either Historic Tax Credits or New Market Tax Credits.
This is how the store looks courtesy of
Funny how I've only heard about this store but now I get a chance to see it. It was probably bustling way back then now it looks like the only building on the block. Now it might have a good purpose if any. Especially if the plans come through whatever they may be. You know I was thinking more about a museum than anything else.

Addendum: Here's another picture courtesy of CreativeLoafing Atlanta

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