Thursday, March 19, 2009

The bell

I watched this video produced from PBS a few years ago called Morehouse Men. It's a documentary about Morehouse College and we look into the lives of some of the students at Morehouse. One of the scenes you see will take place here at this bell. A guy says that a Morehouse graduate got his degree got his job and left. However, a Morehouse Man will answer this bell whenever it rings.

I was able to check this video out of the library many years ago. If you want to look for it now do so, it's a great video.

Originally posted at "The Eye" on April 9, 2007


Publia said...

I wish we had a Morehouse man rather than a Harvard man in the White House.

catchingupat20 said...

I remember hearing about this before. But I'll be sure to take a look at it now, thanks.

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