Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Spring Break...

I stopped by a rather famous restaurant on Stony Island. You may have heard of this place, Soul Queen. A place that has so much history.

If you step inside you'll see pictures of famous people from entertainers, athletes, or even politicians. You will see pictures of Rev. Jesse Jackson, Mayor Richard M. Daley, Mayor Harold Washington, and even President Bill Clinton. This is just to name a few prominent individuals to have their pictures of the wall.

Owner Helen Anglin has picture of her family including a graduation picture of her son from law school. I understand that he died tragically but I don't remember the whole story. Unfortunately I hear rumors that she may sell her restaurant and they will close. I hope not, however.

While it's here it's still a good place to eat. The buffet is good. You have your choice of meat and vegetables (and that include dressing). And how about those corn muffins?

Still if you're looking for some soul food and taking in a little history. Stop by this place. I think you'll like the food too.

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