Friday, March 23, 2007

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With an interesting subject. It's only important because of the Obama factor, but it's connected to an alderman in a run-off, Dorothy Tillman.

Rich Miller wrote a column today and then made a post about it over at Capitol Fax. Sparked a discussion where some would say that Sen. Obama's endorsement of Dorothy Tillman for 3rd Ward Alderman was irrelevant to the national scene. The fact that it's on Hotline on Call this afternoon piques the interest of the guys over there. Perhaps this is just an indication of the interest in keeping one's house in order as they seek the presidency.

The story here was that Ald. Tillman was on board for the Senator's run for his seat in 2004. He's just returning the favor as she is in a run-off with Pat Dowell. And here's the deal...

Obama is set to endorse the always controversial 3rd Ward Ald. Dorothy Tillman in her runoff against hard-charging independent Pat Dowell. Obama isn’t alone. Almost every black political, religious and civil rights leader in the city is lending support to Tillman, who scored just 43 percent in the first round of voting, finishing a mere 400 votes ahead of Dowell.

About the only major political figure not backing Tillman right now is U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who just helped elect his wife, Sandi, to the City Council. Jackson said this week he plans to put at least 150 foot soldiers into the 3rd Ward come Election Day, but he tried to downplay the fact that this is the first time he and Obama have ever opposed each other in a local race.
Then here's something to think about...

Jackson says he understands why Sen. Obama would back Tillman. The alderman was one of Obama's earliest supporters in his U.S. Senate bid. But others are wondering how Obama's decision to back such a die-hard proponent of slavery reparations will play in Iowa and New Hampshire. They may have a point.
A lot of people have knocked Dorothy Tillman as a horrible alderman. I can't say I have the best idea on that. The 3rd ward is slowly changing and perhaps Ald. Tillman was there for the ride more than helping it along.

Still it should be interesting to ask if this could affect Obama. It seems his association with a local church could hurt him. Why not who he associates with in political circles.

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