Monday, March 16, 2009

The first multimedia message

So this is going to be a first.

I got me a new phone over the weekend and this means that I'm going to start posting pictures here from my camera phone. Neat huh? Hopefully they'll be of interest and if not well this is just new content isn't it. I'm going to have fun and I hope you enjoy.

BTW, this picture is on Fair Street. The tower is on a dorm, Graves Hall on the campus of Morehouse College. It's a Freshman dorm with a lot of history and nicely designed too.

Originally posted at "The Eye" on  March 12, 2007. I had to edit this a little and even form some paragraphs. still this actually was the very first cameraphone picture I ever posted on a blog.

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kevin buckstiegel said...

Congrats on the camera phone! Be careful, they can be addicting :)
Take care!

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