Thursday, February 22, 2007

Todd's trash talk

Wow I saw this headline I thought that Todd Stroger's laidback personality (probably one of those things that got him elected as Cook County Board President) is starting to wane. He's talking trash and he's directing it towards his opponents. Not only that he's calling people names. OMG that's not polite.

Well let's take a look at this story...

On the eve of his biggest day as Cook County Board president, Todd Stroger took to name-calling of elected officials he says have whined too much about having to cut their budgets.

State's Attorney Richard Devine and Sheriff Tom Dart are "prima donnas" who have complained about cuts on "just about every talk show," Stroger said Wednesday.

Stroger's comments came one day after he called Devine "the biggest pain in the ass I have ever met in public life" in an interview with the Daily Southtown editorial board.

A Dart spokeswoman said he wouldn't "engage in any name-calling" with Stroger, while Devine said Stroger's comments were "silly."

"If you're the chief executive of Cook County, you really should be focused on the great issues, the really important issues that we have right now," Devine said.

Stroger said his comments about Devine were "appropriate," then launched into complaints about Devine and Dart -- whose offices would take a huge hit under Stroger's $3 billion proposed budget.
OK for name calling ass is strong enough being called a prima donna isn't nothing. I've not reported a lot about what's going on at County government on this blog, but I've been hearing about the cuts that Todd wants to impose. He's cutting staff and services at county hospitals, the Sheriff's department, the State's Attorney's office, and even public defenders. If people came around on him since his anointment as County Board President (yes I'm talking about his appointment as the Dem nominee and his election against Tony Peraica in the general) they probably are lamenting his proposed cuts these days. Not to say I agree with him on most of these things but you'll have to admit that tough choices have to be made yes.

That's not all Stroger even lobbed words at another politician...
Stroger also took a verbal swing at Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who criticized some of Stroger's budget cuts, saying it's easy for Jackson to throw stones without understanding reasons for cuts.
So here's some details about what's this all about...

Stroger's rant came as hundreds of county employees -- including doctors and nurses -- began receiving letters advising them their jobs would be cut if Stroger's budget passed as is.

The County Board will meet today to begin voting on a budget that must be passed by Wednesday.

"The personality stuff is really a distraction from some pretty important issues that we have to discuss," said Devine, whose office laid off 43 prosecutors and 10 investigators last week.

Stroger wants Devine to cut $14 million from his office's budget of nearly $97 million. If the cuts stand, Devine said his office will lose 144 positions in all. The office is cutting 45 administrative employees this week.

Devine argues that the cuts will hurt law enforcement.

Finally Stroger's admitting that this criticism is taking a toll on him. I guess jockeying for his father's office isn't all that it's cracked up to be is it. Well Stroger or Toddler if you prefer can still grow into his position, he's just having a rough time on the job right now...
Stroger repeatedly said that he's upset about comments by Devine and Dart that he is taking a "budgeting for idiots" approach to cuts and "doesn't know what he's doing," adding that his wife, Jeanine, is taking it personally.
Stroger has been ridiculed by unions over his proposed cuts and criticized for padding the payroll with friends in high-paid positions while slashing frontline workers.

He was booed by Democrats at a rally for Sen. Barack Obama, and he concedes that he's bothered by some criticism.

But he said he doesn't believe the boos and criticism reflect the opinions of most of the public about the job he's doing.

He said cuts are being made across the board in county health, public safety and other functions, but are being done with purpose.

"When we look at the changes we're making, we're making them for the betterment of the Bureau of Health and for the county as a whole," he said.
Things are getting interesting at Cook County Government. Let's see what happens with this budget of his. There are definitely to be some reforms necessary.

Once again Todd Stroger's Blog!!! I don't know whether to be amused or not when reading this blog. Check out his latest post on the budget, it doesn't mention the ugliness.


Third Generation Chicago Native said...

Todd has resorted to Toddler behavior and this is such an embarassment to the second most populous county in the nation.

Cynthia said...

Todd shouldn't have been the President of the board anyway. It was clear that there were does behind the scenes directing this whole event. I'm glad he is embarrassing those who pushed him.

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