Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still striking a nerve in the 50th ward...

Remember my Saturday items post about Bridget who was canvassing in the 50th ward and she encounters the daughter of the incumbent who is also his chief of staff. She posted a video and everything and it is just a vulgar mess. Indeed this should be embarrasing but only if you look at the comments she's been getting Stone supporters are just living looking at this post.

Also she posted this on her own blog, Bridget in the Sixth. And while she didn't get as many comments there as she did when she posted on Illinoize she got more backlinks there than at Illinoize. I mean great job yes.

But you know the story doesn't end yet....

She volunteers for a Stone opponent, Greg Brewer who is one of three other individuals running against the 34 year incumbent Ald. Bernard Stone. And well I'll let her tell YOU her story from yesterday...
Today one of Alderman Berny Stone's supporters called and told me that he was going to "firebomb" our office. When I asked him if he was threatening us, he said that he'll "do whatever it takes to keep Bernard Stone in office" and reiterated his intention to "firebomb" the office. I hung up and called the police.

The bomb squad came and checked out the place and took a police report. While it was probably just some idiot running his mouth with no intention to do much more than that, I was not about to take any chances.
Congrats to Greg Brewer he is officially a thread to be taken seriously by Ald. Stone and Stone has supporters who will do anything to help their guy win. Even engage in these aggressive tactics. Well I could attribute this to democracy in the big city, but you know this isn't even close.


Anonymous said...

Bridget is Bridget Dooley,paid,professional,far-left wing Field Director of Brewer,s campaign,not a volunteer.And what Bridget did that day was a set-up,she even went so far as to deliberatly having a completely unclear picture of her intended victim,which frankly has led most to believe that a CHARACTER ACTRESS may have been employed!!

Bridget said...

The above poster is correct in that my name is Bridget Dooley, I am a paid political professional, and I am currently the field director on Greg Brewer's campaign. However, I would not describe myself as "far left-wing", only "left wing" (and proud of it!).

I find it absolutely hilarious that some of Stone's crazy supporters (Stoners?) are suggesting that my video was a setup with a "character actress". I suppose it makes sense, though. How else can they possibly explain away Ilana's astounding behavior? She's a complete embarassment.

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