Friday, February 23, 2007

Should this even be a state law???

As much as I think a lot of guys around here on campus could learn that washing your hands is a good thing I don't want anyone legislating this. In fact I don't think those that won't wash their hands after using the bathroom want this either. Shouldn't the Illinois House of Representatives be working on other issues of greater importance?

Check out this story...

The Illinois House passed a proposal from state Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago) that would require CPS students to wash their hands with antiseptic before meals at school.

The proposal would help reduce the spread of illness and, in turn, reduce student absenteeism and improve learning, Flowers said.

"Hand-washing is crucial for public health . . . but we're not doing a good job when it comes to teaching our children that," she said.

State code already mandates that children be taught proper hand-washing techniques.

As such, CPS is balking at the plan, calling it unnecessary. "I think our principals and teachers treat that issue with the seriousness that it deserves," CPS spokesman Mike Vaughn said. "I don't think they need a piece of legislation to provide that direction."

Most CPS cafeterias already have hand-sanitizing gel and posted instructions on proper hand-washing techniques.

A handful of legislators thought Flowers' perhaps well-intentioned bill was overkill.

"It's a good idea that kids wash their hands before they eat, obviously, but I don't think that's the kind of thing we need to legislate," state Rep. Joe Dunn (R-Naperville) said. "Every good idea doesn't have to be a law. People are responsible for themselves."


Cynthia said...

I guess I think it is an important enough public health issue to be decided at this level.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia, think again.

Inappropriate Letter to the Editor
- posted by Cal Skinner

I read a comment that Cary Grade School member Chris Jenner made about his letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald being edited and was so amused, I thought I would share it with you.

Use the link above to read what the NW Herald published. Here is the Jenner's original letter:
To the Editor:

State Rep. Mary Flowers (C-31st) recently introduced HB382, which would make it state law that school children wash their hands before eating. I'm not anti-hygiene, but where does government nannying stop?

In 2005, Illinois passed a law (PA 093-0946) requiring K/2nd/6th graders to have dental exams. It was sponsored by State Rep. David Miller (C-29th), who by coincidence is a dentist and president of the Illinois State Dental Society's Political Action Committee.

Gee, I wonder if Rep. Flowers owns stock in an antiseptic soap supplier.

It's clear you parents are incapable of electing ethical officials who understand the concept of limited government. Are you also completely incapable of raising your children without government telling you what to do every step of the way?

Why stop with washing hands? I call on our legislators to introduce the Clean Posterior Act of 2007, requiring all Illinoisans to wipe in a manner consistent with national standards.
The NW Herald didn't like the last paragraph.

It's so funny it belongs in an editorial cartoon.

I don't know Representative Miller, but I do know Mary Flowers and I would be astounded if she had any conflict of interest.

I agree that it looks pretty bad to have a dentist sponsoring a bill to get his profession more business.

And I think Jenner's parting shot about legislators who aspire to the role of nanny is hilarious.

Someone who would introduce such a bill would obviously be an ally of the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collectors, where McHenry County Blog even gets a front page hat tip for leading the fight agaist the Cat Tax.

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