Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday's Items...

How about a blog about Todd Stroger (Hat-tip to Bill Baar's West Side)? Or is it Todd Stroger's Blog. I think it might be serious, but then again it can be very convincing satire. One thing that might be official about it is the official links to all the branches and operations of Cook County government from mugshots of Sex Offenders, to the Court System. There is even a site that makes "Todd Stroger (?)" laugh. There are only two posts there this month or in fact for the whole existence of the blog since it started this month.

I'm watching Public Affairs again. This time Jeff Berkowitz is interviewing Ald. Bernard Stone who is running for re-election. But since we're talking about the Ald, let's talk about his daughter.

This will be the last item from Bridget on Illinoize and it has locally gotten quite a few links. See a lot of Alderman have children who they want to suceed them and they may have a lot of "clout" to make that happen. But then after seeing this video would you want this lady as your alderman. Look not everyone in politics is very nice, but they know when they should keep cool or at least stay restrained and she wasn't very restrained. This was the funniest comment I saw about Ms. Ilana Stone Feketitsch from
Note to dads, tell your girls no, once in a while.
I forgot to mention that she is his chief of staff as well!!!

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